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Solace Nicotine Salts eliquid

Solace Nicotine Salts eliquid

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A new kind of liquid specifically designed and engineered for mouth to lung devices like the eLeaf iCare series and the Joyetech AIO series. Solace Salts uses the same nicotine found in 99% of vapor juices, altered to increase efficacy. Solace Salts hosts an array of fantastic flavors that cover the spectrum of preferences. Smooth and satisfying, from fruits to mints to the greatest tobaccos, the range will satisfy all of your high nicotine, small device needs.

30mg Nicotine for small MTL devices only. Not for sub-ohm devices!

Available in Butterscotch, Peach Rings, Creamy Tobacco, Vanilla Bean, and Dragonfruit-menthol.



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