Limitless Mod Co Pulse Pod Vape Pen

Limitless Mod Co Pulse Pod Vape Pen

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The Pulse Pod System Vape is the newest addition to the Limitless product line. The Pulse Pod System Vape Pen is a new 1ml pod system that uses an 8 watt 380 mah internal battery that you can recharge.

The Pulse Pod System was co-designed by Asher Dynamics, and manufactured overseas by PLY Rock.

The Pulse Pod System Vape Pen comes with one pen mod with a refillable pod installed, 1 extra pod, a needle-tip bottle, and a USB charger.

To use, simply pull out the pod by gripping the top part of the unit. Remove the pod. To access the fill port, remove the top black mouth piece. You will see a rubber plug. This is where you can remove this plug entirely, or just one side to access the fill ports. We suggest using a thin needle tip bottle, like a unicorn bottle, or syringe to fill the pod. Simply reassemble, and install the pod. There is no need to turn the LMC Pulse Vape pen on, simply draw and inhale from the mouth piece. The button on the center of the Pulse Pod Vape Pen allows you to change the color of the LED light system. If you are looking for the best Pod System Vape Pen, pick up a Pulse From Limitless Mod Co, and feel a better draw, more airflow, and a better vape

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