Limitless Mech Mod - Body

Limitless Mech Mod - Body

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The new Limitless Mod is as gorgeous as it is hard hitting.  With dozens of interchangeable sleeves available for the aluminum, brass, copper or 24k gold versions of this mechanical mod. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA, the Limitless Sleeve Mod is precision-built and full of innovation. Top on the list is the revolutionary thread less firing button. Its 4 point rail design eliminates hot button incidents and promises flat, direct contact with your battery. Plus, the button is made of a single piece of machined aluminum or copper, so it is your negative contact and it further minimizes voltage drop, which is already low because this mod has a straight atty to battery design up top!  The battery cap has an adjustable Delrin inner ring to accommodate different battery heights, prevent rattle and eliminate shorts. The top cap and battery sleeve are made from a single billet of aluminum or copper, and the top cap is milled with huge vents and airflow channels.


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