LavaCell Battery

LavaCell Battery

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LAVACELL BATTERIES ARE NOT IN PRODUCTION IN ANYMORE! They are great batteries, but they have stopped making them. We are still sitting on a few 26650's though! Get em while they last!


26650 LAVACELL Specs:

The LAVACELL IMR 26650 LiMN 4200 mAh Battery is perfect for use with any 26650 capable APV or mechanical mod. The LAVACELL 26650 provides extended battery life and long lasting high drain capabilities with 4200 mAh, 4.2v and 40 amp continuous discharge. 

A flattop positive head gives the LAVACELL IMR 26650 High Drain increased connectivity between the device pin and battery for a more consistent vape experience with a 40 amp discharge.

The safe chemistry that LiMN affords means a reduced risk of venting. The LAVACELL IMR 26650 LiMN 4200 mAh Battery is a red and black flat top battery with a 40-amp discharge current, making it the ideal choice for mechanical mods and sub-ohm builds.

  • Size: 26mm diameter 65mm tall
  • Battery Type: 4200 mAh lithium manganese High Discharge Battery
  • Output: 3.7V / 40 amp continuous discharge