Phoenix Vapor Cafe Membership

25% off everything? YES! And more than that, know that you've pledged to transition from smoking!

When you become a member for a low cost of $10 per month, you will receive a 25% discount on all purchases. You're also making a pledge to yourself to not spend money on cigarettes while saving as much on your vape as possible!


How Do I Join?:

Instructions are at the bottom of the page! Please read through the text below to better understand how and why this amazing program was launched!


Phoenix Philosophy:

Phoenix Vapor Cafe's operating philosophy is simple: Keep costs down and pass the savings on to you, the members, so that you can transition from smoking as affordably, easily, and enjoyably as possible. As more join the membership program, our buying power increases, resulting in the lowest possible prices for you. As Phoenix's ability to buy more at better rates from suppliers increases, that savings will be passed on to you. That's a promise.


What else comes with Membership?

Your Membership extends hardware and device from a 30-day warranty to 90 days.

Phoenix Vapor Cafe offers Members-only vaping news and blogs, upcoming product reviews, information about pre-release product launches, device insurance, political advocacy work and more.

Please tell us your thoughts about what we could do to improve this program. As a member, your voice will be very important in learning what works and what doesn’t.

Please assist in creating an inviting, valuable, meaningful program that can grow and reach out to the millions of smokers that haven’t had an opportunity or the means to transistion to vaping, while also bringing the price of quality equipment and liquids down to the most affordable levels possible. It’s very important; It’s why Phoenix is here.

Thank you! 

Membership Set-up Instructions:

  1. Create your customer account (click here)

  2. While logged in, go to the Membership Sign-Up Page (click here)

  3. Click "Sign Up" (you will be re-directed to a new web page)

  4. Fill out your billing & contact info for the membership and click "Place My Order"

  5. Your done! It is now time to enjoy 25% off of everything you purchase from Phoenix Vapor Cafe!


Have more questions? Check out the Phoenix Membership FAQ