Phoenix Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why join the Membership?

A: Our Membership program is a pledge to YOURSELF to stop buying cigarettes! Purchasing a Membership grants you 25% off everything we sell. Your pledge dollars go to increasing our buying power, making our prices even lower! Check out these savings: If you spend more than $40 a month on vape supplies, then this is the Membership for you.

  • For example: as a Member, with a $40 regular purchase you would save $10, thus paying for that month's Membership. If you normally spend $100 a month on vape supplies, this savings would be increased to $25 with your Membership!

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A: Yes! You can easily do so in your Customer Account on our store, and your Membership benefits will continue until the full month that you last paid for regardless of when you cancel. 

Q: Does my discount apply on clearance product as well?

A: Yes! Deals-on-deals-on-deals!!!


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