Easy Transition Kits


Phoenix Vapor Cafe exists to help smokers transition from smoking to vaping.


We know that transitioning from cigarettes has always been hard or even impossible.  But it isn’t any more, because vaping will allow you to switch from cigarettes with absolutely no withdrawal symptoms.
In addition, vaping devices have become very simple to use, particularly in the last few months.  With a learning curve of no more than 20 minutes, and kits as low as $20 including everything you need, replacing your cigarettes with a non-combustion vapor device is simple and affordable.
The devices we chose for the kits below are the easiest to use, are easy to refill, easy to recharge, and so they make it enjoyable to transition from smoking!
If you’ve tried ecigs in the past and they were too difficult, or if you’ve never tried them before, you owe it to yourself to come down and give them a try. Our friendly, well-trained staff - all former smokers - will be more than happy to show you the way.
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